Awaken your hidden skills

There are so many skills in life you need to learn to survive and maintain living. We never stop acquiring new skills since we are born. No one can imagine if we do not learn living skill along the way as we growth, how big of the impact would have done to our human evolution.

However, pick up new skill is not easy and there is always fear and uncertainty comes with the acquisition. For example, if we were afraid of falling and stop learning how to walk when we were babies, we will not be able to run now. Therefore, by acquiring a new skill, there will certain be some obstacles and fear in your way. Only be knowing how to handle and overcome them will lead you to success.

There are some cases, the skill was in built into our mind and body, waiting to be triggered when certain things happen or when new environments are introduced into our life.

For example, a painter never know how well he can paint only until he picks up the brush and use his imagination. If painting was never introduced into his life, that skill might not be awaken even.

I am sure everyone has experienced a moment or two when you suddenly feel good at and confident doing something, especially when you have never done that before. That is the hidden skill. For example, public speaking.


How to identify and unlock your hidden skill.

For most of us, there are hidden skill waiting to be uncovered. We just need to try things that we have never tried. Do things that we have never done.


Brainstorming:Think of what you have not tried doing in the past and start do them. Do new things is the great way to unlock any skill you have that is not known to yourself.


Open minded:Opened mind let you able to try new things, things that you never done before. It increases the chance to uncover skills that you never know.

Work on your craft:Constantly work on your craft will enable you to development better skill and experience. When the silence skill is covered, you will be able to adapt it and work at your best.


I have discovered my hidden skill, what do I do next?

If the hidden skill can be related to your current work them it would be a good idea to offer it everyday to those you work with or server. Therefore, you a have a chance to practice it every day.

Skills such as: time management skill, leadership skill, public speaking etc.

Importance to apply hidden skill to your job.

If you do not want to be left over in the future job markets, you will need to offer more skill and constantly upgrade your skill. When employees constantly upgrade themselves and provide more effort to the team and company. They will have a complete advantage over those who do not.

By staying competitive in your role, it is essential to apply your later discover skill to the job if that is applicable.


If the skill not related to your work. Then you can embrace it and acknowledge it as a special gift. You will be able to develop a habit out of it or even become your second income steam.

Skills such as: drawing, singing, dancing etc.


It is all about understanding how you do it in a way that is unique for you.



Unlocking your career future.

Unlock your hidden skill to unlock your career potential. The good thing about it is to give you potential promotions and pay raise. Being able to offer more to your boss is the key. But your skill must be related to the company.


Unlocking a new career for you to own.

When your skill does not relate to your current job. You can consider developing it into your habit or even career.

Recently, one of my close contact opened a professional painting service company to provide House Painting Service Glen Waverley and Apartment Painting Melbourne. Basically, because he is good at color combination and paint skill.


Unlocking a new habit.

If the skill is not big enough to make a career impact, do not worry, you can always to develop it as a new habit, a new way for your stress relief.


To sum up, most of the people have hidden skills. That is the matter of do we wanted to discover them and apply them in a meaningful way.

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